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Ancheron Prime is the Chapter planet for the Blazing Claws chapter. It has fallen under many tyranid invasions, one which almost destroyed the Blazing Claws.


Ancheron Prime is a Death world, covered in desert and many large salt plains. It has very little surface water, only having several oceans in the North-west hemisphere. Being that this planet has an eliptical orbit around Nexorus, its sun, an average day on this planet lasts up to about 612 Terran days. The planet is racked by common sandstorms, which are called "Eye melter storms" by some of the many nomads on the planet as nearly all of the planet's surface is covered in salt plains.

Plant and Animal lifeEdit

Plants are very rare on this planet due to the large deposits of salt, but green algae is very common in the air, giving the sky a greenish tinge. The only known plants grow near the seas, the
File:Death Wyrm.png
main types known as known as green bulbs and emerweed, all are evolutionary ancestors of the algae. It is however, like all Death Worlds, a very difficult place to live in, it there are a huge amount of native carnivores on the planet, some of the most dangerous resemble giant spiders and wasps. The most feared creature on this planet is the Death Wyrm, a skull-faced misshapen creature, its simple name is the most effective in its description. The only humans on the planet cabable of killing these creatures are the resident Space Marines.

Human populationEdit

Before the Blazing Claws arrival the planet was populated by many thousands of barbaric nomad clans, which had technologically evolved up to the state of Ancient Egypt in Terra's history.They were a strong and tough race of people, having to adapt to the world's harsh climate and the many predators.

This population was drastically cut down by the tyranid invasion of Hive Fleet Erebus, and only the strongest of these clans survived. The ramaining survivors honor the blazing Claws for their bravery, and now offer themselves as recruits for new marines to the chapter.

Today the population of humans on the planet have almost quadripled from its original population, using technology to better they way of life. Some of the inhabitants have fully heightened themselves to the Imperium's way of life, living in hive cities and travelling off-world for the first time.

The capital city, Oraex, is the largest, and technically "only" city on the planet, and houses the Blazing Claw's fortress monastary.

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