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Aldium Spears
The Chapter's Icon
An Aldium Spears Tactical Marine
Space Marine Chapter
Founding 12th Founding
Legion number 1000 marines
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Chapter Master Deceased
Homeworld Aldium (Destroyed)
Fortress Aldiumus
Specialty Ranged combat
Battle cry "Walk down the path of truth!"
Colours Grey, aquamarine/turquoise, white
"...they [ Gore Legion ] are just more proof that Chaos evolves far too fast for us"

The Aldium Spears were a chapter of 1000 loyalist marines that succumbed to a chaotic infection known as Rust, and toppled from their high position of honor and trust within the Imperium. The remaining 120 marines are remaining in suspension in an inquisitorial base, in fear that the Rust will spread over the Imperium.

Their genetic pattern in fact hold the only vaccine available against Rust, and is currently only just been discovered.

The marines inflicted with Rust now fight for chaos, under the name of the Gore Legion


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