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Alamaan Sub-sector
A view of Svech (left) and Fregas (right)

Capital World:


Primary Forge World:


Number of Worlds:






The Alamaan Sub-sector, also known as the Land of Secessionism is a sub-sector located with the Cygnus Arm of the Segmentum Obscurus. It's epithet comes the fact that the Alamaan Sub-sector was home to a large conflict known as the Alamaan Insurrection. The sub-sector is home to eight worlds, though only five of them are habitable.



The main staging ground for the Alamaan Insurrection, Vahalier was once a prosperous Hive World that was home to a large force of Imperial Guard known as the Vahalier Dragoons. However, the world soon descended into seccessionism, and soon rallied the rest of the sub-sector to their cause. Afterwards, the world's population was the first to be corrupted by the Forces of Chaos that fought during the Insurrection. Afterwards, the world was destroyed by Exterminatus because of the corruption that ran too deep to cleanse by faith alone.


Once a Forge World under the government of Archmagos Yexlis, the Forge World was corrupted and taken over by elements of the Brethren of Spite warband and was soon under command of Heretek Mylag. The world was raided of all resources and population by the Brethren and was left as nothing than a scrap-heap by the end of the campaign.


The Frontier World that served as one of the many battlegrounds during the Alamaan Insurrection. The planet was nearly wiped of life when the White Exemplars made planetfall and cleansed the world of corruption.


Hive World and staging grounds for the Regal Fists and White Exemplars assault. Deciptar was the only world to hold firm to their beliefs in the God-Emperor, and its population was overjoyed when the Emperor's Angels came to destroy the traitors of their sub-sector.


Death World that was used during the Insurrection to punish the remaining Secessionists by sending them to the planet's surface. Is known to be wracked with volcanic ash and storms.

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