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The History of the Imperium is vast, and riddled with tales of heroes and daemons.



"All beginnings are relative, and despite all we have come to know of the galaxy, all we have seen and all we have done, mankind must remember this; we are not the first race to enter the galaxy, and we will not be the last." - Marcus Storn, Imperial Remembrancer - M31

The Age of Terra (M1-M15)Edit


"Little is known of this period save that Mankind had begun taking its first forays into space. Mars became the first planet to be terraformed when it was settled by industrial cartels. The red planet soon became synonymous with technical expertise and scientific advancement. Colonies had to be self sufficient, as many were isolated from Terra by long, dangerous journeys." - Sixth Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, The Ages of Mankind - Page 167


1st Century, M3Edit

Dating Code - Events

Unspecified Date, Unspecified Year.M3 - Imperial Reference

  • The Twenty First Century, as humanity knew it at the time.

The Age of Technology (M15-M25)Edit

Dark Heresy Domions of the Lathes MarkMolnar

"This era is referred to as the 'Dark Age of Technology' so often that its original title might seem incomplete. There are few reliable records and even then they seem to contradict themselves with regularity. What is known is that from roughly M18 onwards, Mankind discovered the Warp and how to enter it. Slowly, through many disasters, humanity learned to use the Warp to make faster than light journeys out of their own star system, During this time, the first alien races were encountered." - Sixth Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, The Ages of Mankind - Page 167

The Age of Strife (M25-M30)Edit


"Marked by terrible wars and massive invasions that tore humanity apart, this age was a time of collapse. Warp storms of unprecedented ferocity isolated Mankind's colonies. The great distances prevented contact with other colonised planets, and those who remained in communication often became embroiled in internal battles for control." - Sixth Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, The Ages of Mankind - Page 167

The Age of The Imperium (M30-Present)Edit

Emperor Great Crusade

"From out of the ruin of the Age of Strife rises a new era. Humanity becomes bound within the organisations and institutions of the Imperial Administration. After the betrayal of the Horus Heresy, the Emperor reaches the end of his natural life; his existence is now maintained by the artificial means of the Golden Throne and continued human sacrifice. Psykers continue to emerge in ever growing numbers and are barely controlled through constant suppression and vigilance. It is an era of war and constant battle, and the menace from the Warp looms ever larger." - Sixth Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, The Ages of Mankind - Page 168


2nd Century, M41Edit

Dating Code - Events

139.M41 - The Gothic War

  • Known by some as the 12th Black Crusade, a vast attack is launched by Abaddon the Despoiler. It involves many sprawling battles across dozens of star systems, most of which are in the Gothic Sector of Segmentum Obscurus. Lasting over twenty years, it involves large naval conflicts and hundred of planetary invasions. On the Imperial side, dozens of Space Marine Chapters, nearly a hundred Imperial Guard regiments and the better part of three Titan Legions take part, along with every naval vessel the segmentum can muster. The forces of Chaos, made up of Traitor Legions, renegade Chapters, Daemonic hosts and rebellious cults are eventually pressured by an endless stream of Imperial reinforcements to fall back into the Warp. - [6]

4th Century, M41Edit

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392.M41 - The Macharian Conquests

  • Lord Commander Solar Macharius musters the greatest army the galaxy has seen since the Emperor united all his Primarchs beneath him in the Great Crusades. In seven years, Macharius reconquers a thousand worlds on the western reaches, and his glory carries him into the darkest sectors, places where the Emperor's light had never before been seen. Upon his death, the whole Imperium weeps for the fallen commander, but Macharius' territories soon collapse into rivalry and war. The Macharian Heresy, as this time has come o be known, lasts for seventy years and is only ended through the combined efforts of one hundred Space Marine Chapters. - [6]

8th Century, M41Edit

Dating Code - Events

745.M41 - The Great Devourer

  • The Tyranids enter the galaxy and the Tyrannic Wars begin. Hive Fleet Behemoth destroys the Imperium-held world of Tyran and Thandros systems. Later that year, the alien horde descends upon the Realm of Ultramar, laying waste to several planets and devastating the Ultramarines Chapter. The bold deeds done during the Battle of Macragge are one of the most enduring of the many legends of the Ultramarines. The immediate threat of Hive Fleet Behemoth is finally ended under the guns of two entire Imperial battlefleets. Still reeling from their wounds, many across the Ultima Segmentum look to their borders with increasing unease. - [6]

9th Century, M41Edit

Dating Code - Events

897.M41 - Hive Fleet Gorgon

  • A new Tyranid menace is spotted by Imperial outpost - it is heading directly for the growing Tau Empire. No warnings are given. - [6]

10th Century, M41Edit

Dating Code - Events

901.M41 - The Badab Wars

  • Lugft Huron, master of the Astral Claws Chapter of Space Marines, refuses to hand over his gene-seed tithe to the Administratum and instead announce his succession from the Imperium, declaring himself the Tyrant of Badab. Twelve year of inter-system war follow, wreaking havoc on shipping lanes and embroiling more than a dozen Space Marine Chapters. With much loss, Badab falls, but Lugft Huron and some 200 of the Astral Claws escape, taking refuge in the Maelstrom of Ultima Segmentum. There, they change their name to the Red Corsairs and become dreaded pirate raiders. Huron adopts the title of Blackheart and continues to recruit more renegades to join him.. - [6]

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