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31'st Harakon Regiment
Regiment insignia


Warhawks, Helldivers, Grav-boys, Lifters




Imperium of Man, Imperial Guard


Varying shades of khaki, black


Shock troops, orbital insertion (grav-chutes)

The Harakoni Warhawks are an Imperial Guard Drop troop regiment from the planet Harakon. With their complete lack of fear towards heights and almost unhealthy addiction to adrenalin, the 31st "helldivers" are widely renowned as almost unmatched drop troops, deploying fast while delivering astoundingly powerful damage within seconds of impact.


Harakon has a vey low gravity threshold, enabling the planetary hives to be built much higher than those of other worlds. The generations-old adaptation to adverse gravity levels leaves the Harakoni Warhawks‎ predisposed to excel at grav-chute drops from orbit. This style of combat also increases the Warhawks use of Stormtroopers and smaller unit tactics than standard line troopers.

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