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The 1st Dyammo-Cert are the first and one of the two only regiments of the planet Dyammo-Cert in the Merilian sector. The reason men and women of Dyammo-Cert are not part of the Merilian Guard is because of the different cultures within the two imperial worlds. Most Merilian's believe that all those who die in battle should be taken home and buried. Dyammo-Cert people believe that those who die in battle bodies should be burnt to ashes.


Their first combat action was on Xerxes the Brothers of Solitude home world. The regiment achieved what many many many regiment's of guard all round the imperial had failed. The 1st didn't lose a single man out of their 500,000 they had injuries but no deaths.

The second was the 'War of Merilian Sector' (comming soon just sorting out things message me if you want to get involved) not much for this section dont want to give anything away.


General George Rows

Tech priests and logistics 

1st Company CO colonel Michael Daric

2nd Company CO colonel Jack Werimeck

3rd Company CO colonel Victor Fallstone

4th Company CO colonel Ben Locke

5th Company CO colonel Daniel Hyirich 

Company second in commands

Companies are about 100,000 men

Platoon commander's often Captain's and lieutenants. Platoons number around twenty men.

Squad commander's a platoon is spilt in to two one lead by the platoon commander the other led by some sergeant. Squads number ten men 

Fire sections a squad split into two led by a sergeant and a corporal. Number in at five or sometimes three.


Their weapons, vehicles and armour is the same as Merilian and their armour colour is olive drab. Their fatigue's are a slight murky yellow.


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