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​History pre-corruptionEdit

Both regiment's were commonly deployed together this meant that the taint spread through both regiment's.

​The 14th (Huntsman of Chaos)Edit

The 14th were heavy infantry and mobilized, led by General Henry Jol-Berghan the regiment was often sent to Xerxes the Brothers of Solitude home world to fight Chaos in the ship's heading back the regiment became fully corrupt from top to bottom. Henry was first corrupted then his company commander's to platoon leaders to squad leader to grunt.

​The 15thEdit

The 15th were a armoured regiment led by Colonel Charles Va-Tri he was corrupted thus was his regiment and the four ships that carried the regiment.

​Current​ StatusEdit

The two regiment's unite under Chaos undivided and have got few demons but a large number of standard men have grown even though the Vakerian are already taller with this growth came strength and speed. The commander's and commisar's of companies haven't mutated much physically more mentally. The commander's think faster and the Commisar's they can turn into raging berserkers slashing their way through with their wounds healing almost instantly.

The Vakerian's have only turned recently and haven't taken many deaths but it's well known that the battleship in their mini fleet has a portal possibly to Vakerso their homeworld were they snatch men, women and children, whole families in their sleep.


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The Vakerian GuardEdit

Their ex-regiment often tries to hunt them down but often fails to because of their orders by the command.

Brothers of SolitudeEdit

The space marine chapter has been the biggest imperium shaped thorn in the Traitors side as they succeed in the destruction of a ship the traitors captured carrying medical and food supplies.


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Beside their Imperial equipment these traitors have.

Flesh armour: This is Flak or carpace armour where the mutations of the wearer require the armour he/she wears to grow around them using the flesh of dead enemies or the wearer meaning they can never take it off.

Demonical swords: Their standard swords where chaos energies have made it glow a pink or blue colour. When this hits unarmoured targets the light engulfs them. Disintegrating them. When it hits armoured targets their armour melts sticking to the wearer making them un able to move.

File:131025 075021.png



"You have one God, we have four who's you're master now" 

-Stormlord commander of the 15th 


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"Fucking hell a bloody blood letter this is getting serious"

-Anonymous Vakerian Guardsmen 

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