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The Biggest and best Waaagh!,or in Ork speak "Da biggest and bestest Waaagh!" is a very massive ork clan. The clan used to be called Da Deff Stompas (because of the size of their

Da Biggest and Bestest Waaagh!
An average ork boy from the clan.




Deffclaw 'umie Stompa

Waaagh! size:



Believed to be somewhere in the Ultima Segementum

Clan traits:

Large numbers, addicted to big guns.

stompas and gargants), but after a few sucessful campagins changed their name, divered from two aspects: One, the clan is huge, and two, they always seem to be in a waaagh!

The clan is led by the feared Warboss Deffclaw 'umie stompa, he is a great planner compared to others of his kind, seeing himself as a very smart ork, with a lot of foresight and knowledge in the ways of war. His beliefs do shine through to a small extent. Besides his ability to gather up atronomical numbers of orks, he sends them into battle using in three different fashions, supposedley of a "tactical importance". The problem is that his orky genetics get the better of him only after a few minutes of planning and ordering manouvers, even he gives up, and calls a Waaagh!

The three tactics he uses are: "Sneaky", "Dakka" and "Send in da boyz!". Sneaky is where his boyz wait while kommandos and his strongest lootas to scout and report any threats, which he has used only on three occasions. The kommandos follow his orders, but the lootas only see this as a chance to get the best loot and other valuables. His second tactic is "dakka", where the entire waaagh! stands off at a distance and shoots, only lasting a few seconds before the boys can't take it any longer, and charge. The thrid, and most common tactic is "send in da boyz", which follow the traditional orky ways of war, a charge.

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